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We are a family-owned company situated in Glendora, CA. We understand the financial challenges you face. There are locksmith companies who take advantage of your vulnerable time when you need them most. They charge you heavily or the extra amount for the emergency locksmith service- we, the professional, do not do this to you. Our company, Speedy Locksmith, knows that lockouts can happen at any time to anyone. Therefore, we aim to keep our rates as low as possible. In some emergencies, we also offer some discounts to our clients.

We can respond your location within 15 to 20 minutes.


We will be at your destination within 15 to 20 minutes.


Some people do not consider calling the locksmith until they face some problems, whether they are major or minor. Unfortunately, lockouts can happen to any person in their home, office or car at any time. What we suggest is looking up the company who offers the emergency locksmith service. At the time of the emergency, you will most likely be stressed out and unable to find a reliable locksmith service provider. Calling a trusted technician whom you know at the time of the crisis is almost always the best option. So if you live in and around Glendora, CA or its surrounding areas, be sure to check out Speedy Locksmith for the best service at affordable rates.

Emergency services our company offers:

  • Mobile Emergency Lock Services
  • Emergency Home/Car Door Opening
  • Emergency Commercial Lock Services
  • Burglary and Boarding Repairs
  • Emergency Door Opening
  • All Locks supplied & Fitted
  • Emergency Master Key Making


Whether you need residential, commercial, or automotive emergency locksmith services, you will find that our locksmith company thoroughly trains our technicians to respond quickly to our client’s requests. An emergency can occur at any time, whether its day, night, a weekday or even a holiday. It is for that reason that we answer your issues 24/7, without fail.

Feel free to call the professionals at (626) 522-8895

We value your time and never delay our work. For instance, if your child is locked in the car, don’t panic. Give us a call. It is our work, and we will get him/her out immediately. We do all emergency services on the spot.


Why Choose Speedy Locksmith for Emergencies?

  • Our company hires only licensed and certified technicians. You can also ask them for their license or work permit at the time of the emergency.
  • We are quick, competent and reliable.
  • We never charge you extra for our emergency services.
  • If you have any complaints about our Emergency Locksmith Services, you can call us at our given number at (626) 522- 8895. For us, customer satisfaction is first.