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Car Key Replacement Services

Need car key replacement? One option is to get your vehicle towed to your dealership. However, it can be time-consuming and expensive. The other and easiest and cost effective one is to call out a locksmith.

We at Glendora, CA, have knowledge, equipment and skills to create a perfect replacement key for every foreign and American car, irrespective of its make, model or year.

We have the latest key cutting equipment and programming devices that help us make an OEM-standard key for your vehicle right the first time around.

Missing, Stolen, Lost Car Key Replacement

Has your car key been missing, lost, or stolen? We can make a brand new set of keys for you using advanced technology and specialized equipment.

Additionally, if you are worried that someone can misuse your old transparent key to access your vehicle, we can make it virtually useless by reprogramming your car’s computer so that it only accepts the new key.

Lost Car Key Replacement
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Snapped and Broken Car Key Replacement

If your car key has been stuck or broken inside your lock or ignition, avoid pulling it without the required skills and proper tools, as you may end up damaging the mechanics of the lock.

Reach out to us for assistance. We will extract your jammed or broken key using the right tools. If you need a new key, we will cut one right on the spot.

Bent and Worn Car Key Replacement

With time, your car key experiences wear and tear and may develop a crack or become twisted. Forcing such a key in your lock may not cause it to break off inside it but may also damage the other components of the mechanism. Therefore, if you notice that your car key is out of shape, call us to provide an immediate replacement.

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Car Key Fob Replacement 

Lost your keyless car remote? Or is it broken beyond repair? In any of the cases, we have got your back!

We carry a large stock of fob keys for all models and types of vehicles, so we will take the right one for your car right away and program it with your car computer.

The Most Trusted Car Key Specialists in Glendora, CA

If you ever need a replacement key to your car, Glendora, CA l is your ultimate destination for the most affordable and effective service.

Contact us at (626) 522-8895 any time you need, and we will be there to help you ASAP!